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Sad Status Video Download | Sad Status Video For What'sapp

 1:- Tumko mana manjil status video


Status Video

WhatsApp Status Video: WhatsApp introduced the status feature in 2015, in which we can share pictures, videos and gifs as our story for 24 hours. Before this feature, WhatsApp used to have only text status option in which we could write our bio, but the new status feature is different. The story or situation disappears after 24 hours and still cannot be stored in WhatsApp. WhatsApp is being used by 1 billion users worldwide. Everyone shares their moments of life as a story or situation with their friends to share every moment with them. Today I am back with another WhatsApp status video download post. Here I am recommending you a post which provides WhatsApp status video. Here we add a lot of status of Bollywood and Punjabi songs.

What'sapp Status Video Download

Here is the best collection of WhatsApp status videos in Hindi and Punjabi. We are providing the latest 30 second video status. See latest video status for whatsapp. These status videos are trimmed to 3o seconds, which you do not have to worry about trimming. Just download small size videos (2-4 MB) in HD format and as your WhatsApp status. Most people search google whatsapp status in hindi we have the largest collection of whatsapp status videos in hindi.


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